Piper Malibu/Mirage Training Program


Introducing our Frasca TruVision PA-46 Simulator!

Training Available in:

  • Piper Malibu and Mirage
  • Jet Prop/Meridan



Come see what everyone is talking about!!

  • Scenario Based Training
  • Garmin 560 GPS
  • Approaches at over 12,000 airports
  • Any altitude, attitude, maneuver, or approach
  • 170 degrees of wrap around visual
  • Any and all emergency situations



This simulator is a closed cockpit of an ACTUAL Piper Malibu and Mirage which includes the King KFC-150 Flight Director with KAS 297C Altitude Pre-Select. In addition, the simulator uses a Garmin 530 GPS!

The Scenario Based flight/sim sessions consists of:

  • Aircraft systems
  • Supplemental systems
  • Stalls
  • Normal procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Normal and maximum performance takeoffs and landings
  • NTSB reports
  • All the instrument enroute and approach procedures with emphasis on the proper use of the autopilot system and flying a technically advanced aircraft

We are capable of flying at any altitude, attitude, maneuvers (including inverted), and any approaches from the Jeppessen database (over 12,000 airports) including STARS, SIDS, GPS, LOC/ILS, BC, VOR, and ADF.

We can simulate many more emergencies than can be done in an airplane, including:

  • Electrical systems
  • Loss of alternators
  • Loss of vacuum pumps
  • Hydraulic landing gear failures
  • Flap failures
  • Pitch trim runaway
  • Pressurization
  • GPS failures (either satellite or RAIM errors)
  • Icing conditions

The Frasca TruVision visual offers 170 degrees of visual on an eight foot projection platform. We can change weather from scattered, broken, overcast, or layers plus different visibilities for approaches, including haze, ground fog, rain, mist, snow, daylight, dusk, dawn, or night. In addition we can adjust to any runway lighting features for runways.


Lesson plans have been developed to minimize time and maximize learning and retention.



This training program consists of an extensive ground school with an integrated flight training curriculum along with the new simulator curriculum. The course uses the airplane Flight Manual, the Malibu Training materials, and extensive "hands on" experience from our instructors in order to provide a complete practical knowledge of the demanding Piper Malibu and Mirage.


The curriculum integrates the knowledge from the ground course as it pertains directly to in-flight and simulator session operations and can be tailored to meet your (or your insurance company's) specific needs.

We can also tailor training programs for your Meridian!!



Program Costs:

Initial Ground Training $2,195/$1,695 each additional pilot
Refresher Ground Training $1,250/$925 each additional pilot
Flight Training $100 per hour in your airplane


  • IPC
  • Flight Review
  • IPC and Flight Review


Completed in aircraft:
  • $100
  • $150
  • $200
*Use of Image Air's aircrafts available at additional cost*


The school is scheduled, as much as possible, and at the clients convenience. The entire course can be completed in two days, provided there are no lengthy insurance flight time requirements. 


For more information or scheduling call us at (309)663-2303.

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